Fjarst í eilífðar útsæ
vakir eylendan þín
Far in the eternal yonder sea
your island wakes.

-Stephan Stephansson

Found: My existence

Found: My existence

(Final Installation at BAER

These are a few images from my final installation during the art exhibit at BAER art center in Iceland. (I am waiting to receive more images that will show details and other views, at which time I will add them here.) I will say that documenting this piece is very difficult as its ethereal in light quality and also quite large. This installation is created with found plastic all of which I treated to preserve the marks of nature that existed and some of which I painted my hand prints and hand marks in red paint. The piece is hung in order for viewers to walk through and discover my marks of existence. Rather then explain everything I will tell you what I thought of while making this:
  • Skin, being in and out of one's skin
  • "hanging out to dry"
  • "making a mark"
  • Plastic and it's inability to recycle, that its non-perishable and how its affecting our planet, how it's a sign and product of our times
  • The walls at the Caves of Chauvet, and the earliest human paintings-their marks-the need to express their time, humanity and individuality
  • Finding oneself, self-discovery
  • The earths relentless desire to take back what it creates and transform it into something else.
  • eternity
I will also say without flinching that this piece is one of my very favorites. It encompasses my experience and personal quest at BAER, it also is a collaboration between the environment and me, paralleling my inner being with the outer world.